Depository of Library and Rare Editions

The Depository of Library and Rare Editions houses a rich collection of 32,000 books and rare editions, mostly of the Georgian and Russian languages, about theatre, cinema, music, choreography, art, history, and religion. The museum also contains fictions, encyclopedias, dictionaries, plays, and printed music, as well as newspapers and magazines.

The collection consists of such rare editions as : Teatri da Tskovreba (Theatre and Life 1910, 1914–17, 1923–24), Nishaduri (1917-1918), Sapironi (1924), Duruji (1926), Tartarozi (1927-1928), H2 SO4 (1924), Momavali (1920), Eroba (1920), Ushba (1926), Meotsnebe Niamorebi (1923), Drosha (1924-1925), Mizani (1927), ART (1912), Piramidebi (1924), Almanakhi (1925), Grdemli (1923 and 1927), Paskunji (1908 and 1910), Chveni Teatri (1921), Eshmakis Matrakhi (1919-1920), Sakhalkho Purtseli (1914), Sakhalkho Gazeti (1910), Matrakhi (1915), Lakhti (1912), and Kvali and Iveria.

The depository keeps old chants and printed music and also books which contain the autographs of famous people.